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Mackay Harley-Davidson’s Factory Trained Technicians offer guaranteed professional maintenance & services on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Including:

  • Repairs, Maintenance & Rebuilds
  • Tyre Fitting & Electronic Wheel Balancing
  • Performance Upgrades
  • Dyno Tuning and Remapping Service
  • Electrical Diagnostic & Repairs using the Latest Factory Diagnostic Facilities.
  • Customising & Visual Enhancements
  • Smash Repairs & Insurance Work
  • Safety Certificates (RWC) *
  • Pick Up and Recovery Service* fee applies

We use only genuine Harley-Davidson Parts and our team can handle any Harley repair, big or small. For your convenience, we can arrange a loan bike for the duration of your service or, if you are happy to wait while we service your motorcycle, you can take advantage of our customer lounge.

Dyno Tuning Centre

Keep your bike running better than brand new with a dyno tune-up.
A Dynamometer (or "Dyno") is a machine that measures engine output - horsepower, torque and fuel mixture - and tests under different engine loads and conditions. This helps us adjust fuel mixture and timing to ideal settings. If you have performance work done, you should have your engine tuned for optimum performance without sacrificing drivability or fuel economy.

Extended Service Plan

While mechanical failures are rare in today's Harley-Davidson® models, there is always a chance your motorcycle might break down or need a major repair. with the Harley-Davidson® Extended Service Plan, you'll always ride worry-free. Take advantage of the plan today and give yourself the freedom to ride. Contact your authorized Harley-Davidson® Retailer for more information.

Pre-Ride Checklist

At Mackay Harley-Davidson® we wish you trouble free riding. Here are a few simple things you can do yourself, at home to make that next journey a safe and enjoyable one. Doing basic maintenance yourself can save you time and money in the long run, but don't venture into the land of do-it-yourself if it's not your natural habitat. The risks just aren't worth it. If you are the least bit unsure, please visit an authorized Harley-Davidson® service centre.


Before riding your motorcycle at any time, do a general inspection of the entire bike to be sure it is in safe riding condition.

  1. You can start by checking the oil and filter and inspect other fluid levels. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are made to make oil changes easy. If you do it yourself, don't forget the maintenance schedule.
  2. Next you'll want to check the controls. On your list of controls to inspect should be the front and rear brakes, throttle, clutch and shifter. You should also examine the steering for smoothness by turning the handlebars through the full operating range.
  3. Check tire pressure often, daily when you are touring, and always using a good gauge. Consult your owners' manual for correct pressure and load rating. Air pressure can change with the air temperature. While you're at it, inspect the tires. Replace them if there's less than 50 percent of the tread left, or if there's any cracks, cuts or signs of distress. Tires should be changed by your dealer.
  4. Check for any fuel, oil or hydraulic fluid leaks. Give the cases and lines a once over to make sure there are no leaks.
  5. For high-mileage bikes, inspect the drive belt, sprockets and brakes.
  6. Check your headlights, directionals, taillight and brake light every time you ride. Not only do they help you see where you're going, but they are your best way of being seen by others. If a light is out, it is easy to change yourself. Consult your owners' manual and/or service manual for correct type and removal and replacement procedure. If replacing a headlight, be certain the beam is focused properly.
  7. Before you start riding, sit on your bike and take a look in the mirrors to be sure they're adjusted properly.